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Check A Pro Radio Show Featuring Abacus Water Softeners - May 28, 2022

May 4, 2022

Hey Houston!  How's the water in your home?  Did you know that the water quality in this part of Texas is less than great!  My friends at Abacus have agreed to come out to your home at no cost to you, to test your water.  That's right!  A FREE water test to determine what's in the water you are bathing in and drinking. On this episode learn what is in your water and how to increase the quality of your water.  Shane King, from Abacus Plumbing, has decades of experience in water treatment and joins me - Check A Pro Joe. 

Abacus is also offering deal pricing on a new water softener, as well as free salt for the first year, and a free 4 stage reverse osmosis drinking water system! You've got to check out this episode.  It's good for your health and your wealth as you will get great health benefits while saving money on a new system.

You can always call Abacus at any time to schedule your FREE water test - (281) 730-8250.

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